Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Wrong Bunny...!

Now seems like the peeps across the world love celebrations, and seems like there's a celebration for everything. Checking the Internet I found nearly 80 world celebration days, which excludes all the religious holidays and separate holidays within countries! Wowzer.

There was a world Penguin day (can't imagine that would be well attended in Egypt), a world Inventors day (I thinks that's just got to be made up!), and a Talk Like a Pirate day, Arr, I've taken the oath on that one!

Strangely there was no world calendar day? but maybe that would fall everyday, and then there would be too many arguments as to what to celebrate or peeps would just get bored! Anyways, I'm all for diversity, so if all these celebrations keep peeps happy, then that's good news.

For the likes of my peep who can't really claim to have any social life, bar my trips to see the Doctor, he can pretty much have something to celebrate every day! That said, he probably wouldn't because of all the cards he'd have to buy!

Now I do find myself asking, where did all these celebrations come from, and who decided when to have them? I reckon it was the calendar making peeps, as it stands to reason you'd want something to put in your calendar once you'd made it, else them little boxes would be empty, and nobody wants to buy something that's empty, not unless it's a box for us cats.

Now clearly there must have been some rivalry going on between calendar makers as to when the year was to start, as some seem to have opted to follow a peep called Chin, who celebrated a different animal each year and who's calendar starts sometime between 21 January and 20 February.

Sounds a bit confusing to me, not knowing when your year ends, and how would you know when to have your new years party?

Now some decided to follow a nice lady called Julia, and some her pal called Greg. And even though Greg's calendar followed after Julia's some liked Julia so much they carried on. Indeed there are many more calendars derived from the many religions that peeps follow, and some more from television programs that peeps follow.

In fact there are so many calendars that if you missed your doctor's appointment, or worse still a Nip delivery, you could change calendar and still be there in time! Hmm, maybe we just need one big re-hash of the calendars?

But then again, where would the calendar makers be if there weren't different calendars to make? Up in arms I'll bet, and then probably on strike and we'd all be lost as no calendars would be made. Heck, peeps would run out of weeks to use and mine would be at home under my feet ALL the time! No, thinking on it maybe we should stick to a few different calendars after all. Purrs

Now, my peep has been talking a lot about a celebration called Easter, and there was a pile of cards on the bed ready to be written expressing delight & the arrival of a large bunny bearing eggs. Peep, after turfing me off the cards on which I had napped, explained that the Easter Bunny brings presents to good peeps, and how, like at Christmas, it is celebrated by good folk around the world (& not just calendar makers!).

Clearly as a Princess I needed to participate in this noble tradition, but not having money for a card, an egg, or indeed a calendar, I went away scratching my head (not fleas) to think of what to do. I had to scratch quickly as tomorrow was, I assumed, going to turn out to be a NOT so Good Thursday, as if I couldn't come up with something, and there would only be three days left to sort matters.

I had my answer by the following evening, and after supper I headed off out to my bush to wait. Peep was passing the evening on Twitter, tweeting the appallingly high kill rate situation for the shelter cats in NY and other High Kill cities when, gift in mouth I head for home.

My present was, I thought quite topical, if a few days early for Easter, but it would keep and wouldn't take up much room. My Mama always said "It's better to be early than late for a meal, and right for a lady to be late than early for a wedding, a ball or a brawl!".

Pushing gently through the flap, I could see peep beavering away, and so I did one of those two time steps to get me past him and off upstairs. Well I managed it halfway, and peep looked and then then jumped up and sort of blurted "Er.... Erin what the heck have you..... NO! that's not a rabbit?.........ERIN where are you going with that?..... NO!...Don't go up stairs.....NO..ERIN!.....Oh dash it ERIN!....."

Too late, I wasn't stopping, I was a Princess on a Mission to bring Easter cheer! "Don't mind me" I said, "I'm not here so you didn't see me or whats in my mouth. Oh and that mouth (that you didn't see what was in was in), its not here either. Actually whats in my mouth is a surprise, but I didn't say that as both it, the surprise which you didn't see and me aren't here, OK?" Sadly this came out as a series of garbled/muffled meows and growls and one small hiss as I exhaled a small amount of hair in my throat. Peep, somewhat dumbstruck sunk back into my chair hands over eyes muttering something about "I cant believe my eyes....." and went back to Twittering. I'd like at this point to make a note for Miss Description to look into changing Twitter to, say, Triller! Far more apt for Cats and peeps to be Trilling about us, don't your think? Mind you, didn't that famous singing peep called Michael already coin that one?

Anyways, my Easter Bunny wasn't staying put upstairs, no ma'am, it insisted on going everywhere bar under the bed, and peep would notice that for sure. Nothing else for it but to try and sneak it back downstairs again, and find a nice safe place where peep wouldn't find it. Yep it had to be under his chair, the self same chair I hid a pigeon under for a week, and the odd sparrow.

Grabbing my present carefully once more, I headed downstairs avoiding the squeaky steps on route. Stopping just before the stairs turned the corner, I peered around and saw that peep had in fact nipped to the kitchen. Grabbing this chance I ran down stairs and dropped the gift under the chair and in peeps walking boots,where I felt certain it would rest.

Much in need of a drink and a snack, I headed over to my bowl which peep had just filled. Turning around I just saw the tail end of my gift disappearing under the stairs, having made good its escape from the chair. Clearly, I thought, peeps boots have the same overpowering effect for the Easter Bunny as The Gentle Cat Nerissa had reported (in his blog "Nerissa's Life") that his Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency had had on his peep! That couldn't have been good for my Bunny for sure!

Anyways I digress, a bit like the Bunny which was now heading for, well, everywhere! Peep, emerging from the kitchen spotted my Bunny and I dancing around the lounge, and duly headed for the front door, thinking it could be coaxed outside.

Alas, bit like Bunny's ears, this was a flop and only served to get the house cold. Fluff, as peep had now called the Bunny, wasn't having any of the outdoors and soon ducked under the sideboard and refused to come out.

An apparent impasse achieved, peep stoked the fire and went back to Tweeting, whilst I went on surreptitious guard duty on the hearth rug. Boring, but at least Fluff was safe, and maybe now peep would forget about her until Sunday. As is my want, I got tired of waiting around and headed for the litter tray. Peep, I soon realised, hadn't forgotten about our new friend, and whilst my back was turned (I like my privacy on the loo you know) he had grabbed Fluff from under the sideboard. I turned to see both Fluff and peep heading out the front door. Wowser!

After all my effort, my gift had been rejected. Maybe it was too small or not fluffy enough, or maybe it was too early? Clearly this Easter Bunny thing was more difficult than I thought, maybe I had just got the wrong Bunny and peep had been offended by this religious faux pas, heck wars have been waged for less! but not by us cats.

Fully resolved to get it right, the following day (Good Friday) I headed out to find the RIGHT Easter Bunny. Now it wasn't long before I had got another fitting candidate. Big and fluffy....check, Floppy ears....check. Cotton wool tail....check. Success! No worries with peep today as he was out and about fetching some wood, so I took Fluff #2 and deposited her in the bath. Safe I thought, with a supply of water, and some of my treats, perfect hiding place, for sure.

Not safe enough, as the surprise was blown that evening when, whilst standing on the woodshed roof I heard "....WHAT THE HECK!.....ERIN.....NO! OH MY WORD!" emanating from the the bathroom. Peep, dressed in his robe, came downstairs with a damp Fluff #2 cupped in his hands and quickly took her over the road to whence she had come. Who knew peep didn't like bunnies in the bath? Who'd have figured?

Now Saturday passed and the house, my palace, was Fluff free. Peep had had a shower, and there wasn't a cotton tail anywhere.

Today, Easter Sunday, dawned and nothing stirred in the house, not even a Bunny. I woke, having spent the night indoors, and padded over to peep. Rousing, he gave me a stroke and he headed downstairs for coffee. "What about my treats!" I shouted, peeps always gives me a treat if I've been good and spent the night in. "Sorry Erin, no treats today" I heard from the kitchen.

Heading downstairs peep gave me my breakfast and sat down to check his emails. This is all a bit off I thought, no treats! Need to have a word with peep for sure. Jumping onto my throne and then onto peeps lap pot, I started to protest, as only us cats can, by soliciting rubs whilst balancing on the edged of the "delete" key!

"Oh all right" peep said, "I give in, wait here a minute." With that he duly set down the lap pot and I on the footstool and fetched a box. A special box, a cat Easter Egg! That's not the Easter Bunny I thought, no tail or ears or fluff! Bemused, I let peep opening the box, which revealed a shiny paper wrapped egg, made of catnip and yogurt.

Easter it turns out isn't about Bunnies but eggs! Peep settled down and unwrapped my egg, and whilst he did so he explained that Easter was a time of new beginnings, a fresh start for peeps. The eggs symbolise the new beginnings, and offering an egg is sort of like saying there is always hope my friend and life, spring will follow winter and life after death.

The Easter Bunny left me something special this year, she left me a home and love, freedom and the choice as to my destiny. So many shelter cats and dogs don't have this choice. Please let us all not forget those less fortunate than our self this Easter, those that will lose there lives needlessly in a shelter, or for want of a home, a plate of food, sanctuary or just an act of kindness.....

To all those kind peeps everywhere, and to all my friends, Thank You and Happy Easter.......

Have just finished reading a truly Fabulous book and one I would recommend to both cat lovers and none cat lovers alike. Its called: "RESCUED The Stories of 12 Cats through Their Eyes"  Each month a portion of the sales will go to a different charity. This month of April, Anjellicle Cats Rescue, in New York will benefit. Whilst I am not from New York, it was through reading about the tireless and unpaid work they do to save (and re-home) thousands of cats from being killed each year, that lead me to support them and other rescue organizations in NY.

Please follow the links below to find out more...

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Thank You Again. Purrs

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