Wednesday, 2 September 2015

In search of meaning... I succumbed. It was only a small succumb and no one would really have noticed, not unless they found the evidence.... Hmm I don't think that's the right phrase, *clatter of keys* no apparently the Kittipedia says you don't get a small 'succumb', all out of context and apparently bad grandma, whoever she may be. That's one for Miss Description for sure, as what an errant pensioner has to do with my blog I don't know.... Oh.... yep got it, sorry a bit of a typo there, that should be 'bad grammar'. Anyways, what can I use instead? hmm... 'fall' maybe? Nope, cats don't fall we jump and perform aerial ballet and always mean to land and do what we do. No, I need another word for sure.

Now where is peeps when I need him.... Oh....Ah....yes, yes the truth is I don't know where exactly he is, just that he has gone away to another part of the country, to where he used to live, to see his brothers and sisters and family.

I do however know that sadly his papa has just passed away, and the dementia that I wrote about recently has taken his life. In the last days this terrible disease robbed him not only of his memories but his strength and the will to eat and drink. He remembered those from yesteryear, and the streets of his teenage years my peep says but sadly not those most dear to him in the present. An infection took hold and ever so gently into sleep he did slip. There was no pain, no hurt for him, just a slowing and then.....

I know I don't fully understand these things, these emotions, the conflict of both feeling of loss and also relief for the release from distress and confusion that had ruled his last few weeks. But I can share them with my peep, and be there when he returns and together we can move forwards. Sharing and caring are things we can both do together, like sharing the at risk cats in New York or the plight of the stray cats in Annapolis County and the peeps that wont change a by-law that gives them power to "sell cats" as they can't see the implications and don't want to admit they are wrong.

Caring and sharing is a good thing, maybe it should be enshrined in all cultures and societies and countries as a LAW. Heck who knows where it may lead? world peace, no famine or disease; now there's a thought. Mouses!

I must keep busy, no point both of us getting upset and stressed else things wont get done and that's not good for the estate management, for sure. Mouses!

Now, where was I ah yes, 'succumb'....Maybe if I had resisted the urge, drawn strength from my worldly wisdom (and peep threatening to cut off my cream supply) and made that last effort. But no, I just couldn't help myself, all down to instinct taking over. You just cant take it out of the cat, and that's a fact, in fact fact has cat in it which proves a point, I think?

Maybe small 'lapse' would do? hmm...sounds more like exercise to me, and us cats don't really do that sort of thing on account of our natural poise and elegance and all round super fit nature. OK, I know what your thinking, well I don't but if you will excuse the presumption some of you most probably are or will be thinking of what I'm thinking your thinking and therefore its not unreasonable that I do think that whatever it was I was thinking you may be thinking about what I haven't yet said would be one and the same, but I may be wrong. To clarify some of you may be thinking OK what about those fat cats we see? Now if you were thinking that please skip the preceding and carry on from here:- And you would be right to raise that point, but these poor afflicted cats cant help their size, as sometimes its just big bone structure or other times forced by peer pressure within the home to have big meals, treats, cream and cheese. Couple this with inadequate stimulation i.e. mouse hunts, poor exercise regimes or no gym membership and these girls and guys seek refuge and become the stereotypical fat cat.  That said put a nip pillow their way and watch that kitty fly, baby!

No, what I'm after is a word or phrase that full defines the gravity of the matter, or lack of anyway. Hmm...may be a 'transgression'? nah too military. How about 'hiccup'? nope too medical. I know, it was a small 'glitch', sounds technical and infers computer involvement which as we all know is prone to such 'glitch' things and misdoings and you just got to look around and there are glitches everywhere. Heck there are so many they may have been breeding which is where my small glitch came from, huh?

Mind you that does rather imply I'm run by a computer, and that I'm surely not. No computer could ever have this princesses curves, good looks and modesty, not to mention....well you get the gist. So scrub that one, what we need is a thesaurus, and before anyone says anything, that's not related to a large sea mammal.

Now where does peep keep that one? Ah-ha, found it! *sound of pages flicking* Crumbs, apparently there's dozens of alternate words for succumb, this isn't going to be easy. Hows about 'bowed'? hmm...I think that's for male cats, I'd curtsy for sure.

Mouses! this is way more difficult than it seems, makes you appreciate bloggers like Nerissa and Seville, seasoned professionals for sure, and I don't mean mint coriander or nip! No ma'am these guys have a word for everything ('all' it says in my thesaurus) and every word a winner. purrs

Hang on a mo! *visualise a penny dropping* that's it! Eureka, Mouses! or more particularly 'mouse' is the answer. The words I needed to put in were 'a small mouse'. Well look at that, it was on the tip of my tongue (there was a bit on whiskers too but not mentioning that). How ironic that what I need was the reason for my fall from grace, and due to that one momentary lapse when I yielded to a primeval instinct, I transgressed peeps new code and formula for a more harmonious ecologically balanced society.

Lets not beat about the bush, which strangely was exactly what I was doing when said temptation came my way, but lets call it what it was and is, I ate a mouse, well two actually but they were very small hardly a meal at all, and you know what those takeaways are like, have one then half an hour later you want another. Mouses!

 All said and done, I think nature is best left to do what nature is good at, which unsurprisingly isn't anything to do with war or pillaging resources or polluting the environment, but keeping things in balance. You don't after all have computer glitches with nature, though it has to be said that last mouse gave me hic-hic-hiccups... Mouses!

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