Sunday, 19 January 2020

Exercise time.

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     Hello, and welcome to the 3rd selfie of the New Year.

     Mrs H is slowly getting her breath back and coughing less. Thank goodness is all I can say as the mountain of tissues and empty cough mixture bottles that have accumulated will need removing ASAP. Still, that will be after other general dishwashing duties, and definitely after her 'playing with me' duties; duties that I gracefully agreed to defer till later. Of course, I have applied a variable rate of interest on said playing duties, so she is in for a quite a long few weeks on the carpet chasing mice and nip toys and feather wands, MOL

     Anyways, in this week's selfie, you can see in the midst of setting up my adventure play and chase toys in preparation for Mrs H's return to full and active service.

     Thank you for visiting us this week. If you have any advice, hints and tips on how to best convalesce and rehabilitate a housekeeper, whilst still getting a full days work out of them, then please leave them in the comments below.

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  1. We're glad to hear Mrs H is starting to feel better. Hopefully, she'll get back to regular duties soon.

  2. Erin, that is a very nice selfie. We are glad Mrs. H. is on the road to recovery. Housekeepers are strange creatures. They don't do their jobs when they don't feel well. That's what we find here, anyway. XO

  3. I am glad Mrs.H. is on the road to recovery. It looks like you are getting everything set up to help her get back to normal.

  4. We suggest a full chicken, baked, then take the chicken and put a little into the housekeepers soup. You eat the rest Erin. Wow you look ready to go princess

  5. Glad Mrs H is feeling better. You look adorable, Erin!

  6. Sorry we are late it was a beach day that went on a bit longer and ended up at a movie 'Little Women' (recommended - not as boring as earlier versions.

    I LOVE your photo. It is so full of 'action cat' promise. Well done.

  7. Humans are so fragile, Erin...the housekeeper is fortunate to have you as her advocate.

  8. Love this selfie! We hope Mrs. H feels better soon. We bet she misses playing and cavorting with you ;)

  9. ERin; ya bee lookin gorgeouz.. we noe THAT fora fact....& thatz KNOT A BURD SKIN IZ IT !!??? noe wunder mizzuz H waz feelin poor lee...... !! :) ♥♥♥

  10. Princess, maybe what Mrs. H needs is a good pinch of nip in her tea to send the cough and chills away and keep the doctor at bay. The best cure for her underweather blues would be a big hug and smooch from you. I know that would work for me ANYTIME!

    I don't know if I can call my human a housekeeper, 'cause I look around the rooms and see piles of papers, boxes and stuffs that she hasn't dealt with. Tee hee hee. I guess she did get out the machine last week that goes over the carpet yarns. It always worries the doggy, 'cause she thinks it's going to come after her one of these days I think.