About little me....

About little me......

Hi everyone!

A lot of you may be asking about Erin the Cat Princess, who she is and where she comes from?

Well where to start.....

First up, I am a real cat, and a princess too. More on the princess thing in a bit.

I am 7 years old and have spent much of my early years living as a stray, lost, alone cold and hungry on the streets near Leicestershire, in the UK. After a somewhat one sided relationship with an un-neutered tom cat who left me high and dry and alone, I fell pregnant.

Living rough on the streets is NO FUN, I can tell you, and strays are often abused by humans, threatened, kicked and poisoned. However there ARE very good folk out there that DO look out for us strays and care for us and tend to our needs or take us somewhere that can. I was one of the lucky ones who, when the kittens came, was found by a loving person, and along with my kittens, was taken to a local vets. From there we were welcomed into the caring arms of the Woodside Animal Centre, in Leicester.

There the kittens and I were given a health check, fed and very well cared for. I was, due to injuries to my ears, sent off for surgery, and to be spayed, too. Let me tell you, being spayed was the BEST thing that could have happened. Had that tomcat been done too then things could have been so much better for us all.

Anyway, just before Christmas the time came for kittens and I to be separated and to all to find new homes. They found homes of their own, in time to celebrate Christmas that year, but I wasoverlooked. I guess a lot of folk wanted kittens for Christmas not the likes of I, who was I have to admit, looking the most raggedy stitched up cat you ever could imagine. In fact my hair looked like a punk!

One rainy Saturday, in February the following year, I found my new human family. Yup this raggedy cat had managed to swing a home! I kid you not, a cheer went up at the shelter as one of their near-lost causes finally picked a place to live! OK I admit it, I am fussy, and knew I had a lot to do with this new home to make it fit for, well, a princess, but I knew I could do it.

Days turned into weeks then months, and having got things how I liked them, well one can always improve the staff with more work, I opened up this here blog to recount my day to day adventures of my new home in the countryside of Leicestershire, where the mousies and sparrows do roam.

Now, as to being a princess. That gift was actually given to me by Santa Claus a couple of Christmas Eves ago, and I published an account of the adventure soon after in a series of blog posts. Yes Santa is a really cool guy, and does exist so long as you believe and are good. I shall republish that series of accounts shortly, so look out for them in the coming year.

Now as to the Palace that I live in. Well, it is a bit run down, but has spectacular views from the towers over the surrounding countryside, and the ancient small village of Upper Much Mousing, that forms part of it's estate. In fact as the village is so small and rests in a hollow, you won't find it on the map or see it from nearby roads. That is a real plus for the villagers and I as we avoid all those nasty free newspapers and junk mail!

The palace grounds are home to a our hens, and the old cart horses, who spend their days nagging each other at the cost of hay and straw! We also have a very rare breed of Jersey dairy cows called Full Cream Cows, who give only the very best of golden cream that a cat, and princess, could wish for.

Now I do love cheese, and whilst I am a British cat through and through, from whiskers to tail, I do have a weak spot for Extra Mature Canadian Premium Cheddar. I get supplies posted in from Canada by a Canadian pal called Seville the cat. He has his own blog called Nerissa's Life (Link Here or you can cut and paste:- https://www.nerissaslife.com). All in all though, there is nothing that beats a bowl of full fat cream.... unless it's a full fat mousie!

Does this princess have a companion at the palace, I here you ask? Maybe a boyfriend? Well after visiting America, I formed a close friendship with a wonderful Persian prince mancat called Valentine. He is extra fluffy black Persian cat, and a real gentlecat, and truly the best. He has a blog and can be found at Noirkittymews.com. If you visit, please do say hello from me.

As to staff, well there is only one full time member, and thats Mrs Hudson, or Mrs H to her friends, and she takes care of all the household tasks and assigns some light managerial duties to me – mouse catching and the like. 
The relationship isnt one sided. She is autistic, and has me to comfort her when things get a bit too much. Which to be fair, is a lot less frequently now she has retired and only has me to look after. But some of my antics do cause a few sleepless nights and meltdowns as she chases the mice that have, quite mysteriosuly, appeared under the bed. 
She is also my partner and adviser when it comes to our detective work, and has a very good grasp of almost everything, except how to not be clumsy! We do have a gardener that visits a couple of times a week, and cuts the lawns and trims the hedges on the palace maze. Talking of which, I do need to look for Mrs H as she hasnt returned from hanging out the washing. . . .

As to hobbies, I take great delight in being chaircat of the local FWI (Feline Women's Institute) and collect butterflies, mice, and cream bottle tops.

Rural pursuits form part of my daily activities and I do tour the estate nightly and do check on the local mouse population. Having checked on them I then keep them in check. There is sometimes no getting away from the fact that I am a meat eater, and us cats MUST eat meat to survive. But I do not eat to excess and the hedgerows are always well stocked with all sorts of goodies, from mice to berries and apples and wild plums. Needless to say Mrs H doesn't eat the mice! But does enjoy a plum jam on her scones, and a drop of plum sherry in the evening when we sit beside the open fire and tell tall tales...

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into little me, and my life and home. From time to time I will update this and incorporate more info and pictures too, once Mrs H learns how to download things without them being upside down and back to front!

Toodlepips and purrs to you all!

ERin the cat Princess


  1. Oh Erin, we are so glad we finally got a chance to visit your blog and find out more about you. What an exciting life you have lead and your palace sounds heavenly. Just purrfect for a Cat Princess.

    1. Hi! Thank you for visiting and saying hello. Well I have to say it isn't all adventure and chaos in the palace, some days Mrs H goes out to the shops and things get all nice and relaxed, MOL
      Toodle pips and purrs and do come back soon...

  2. Hi Erin, oh wow what an extraordinary life mew led before finally ending up at the palace, as like many of The B Team, mew had your share of hardship and are now living the life mew were always meant fur!

    Oh, and we didn't know about the Jersey cows, can we put in an order fur 15 pales of the finest cream purrlease? We'll send payment via our robot carrier pigeon, Alphonse should be with mew imminently, we hope the usual currency of extra primo nip will suffice!


    The B Team xx

  3. Can't find a more recent post ! I don't have Google + Merry Christmas !