Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Affair!

Well you do hear these things, but you never expect them to happen to yourself.

You see it in the tabloids and in the gutter press and think well if that is what folk want to do, let them, that life is not for my peep and I.

Peep and I share this fabulous bond, one based on trust and mutual respect and....whats this? a hair, a hair on peeps clothes that isn't from peeps golden, with a hint of light ash brown, covered pate!

Mouses! this need further investigation, for sure, and if there is any two timing going on I can stamp it out right now!

****** Back at the lab ******

A blond hair, with coloured highlights, and maybe a few low lights, and definitely a few middle lights. In fact there are so many lights you could throw a swatch book at it and find a match for everything. purrs

 I wonder where this came from, and more to the point, from whom did this come, and why did peep feel the need to leave it lying around?

 I do have strict rules about leaving hairs around,  in fact they fall into the same set of Palace rules as mouses and moles, to wit, if you bite off more than you can chew, DO NOT leave it lying around as it plays havoc with the vacuum cleaner, not to mention the lint roller that has put in for over time rates on account of, well I'll say no more on that subject as it would be improper to blame peep.

Anyways, I think I need to look into this more closely

Is it a sign, some subliminal message that I am not wanted, and to be usurped by another, a newer model? Maybe it's my ears, are they out of fashion? like the miniskirts peeps used to wear?

Hmm maybe I need extensions, something with a bit of colour maybe. I know I could have inter changeable tips, pink for summer and maybe silver for winter, ooh maybe a snow scene on them for festive events. I mean a lady needs to be on top of the trends and in vogue, or even Country Palace Living!

Or could it be I'm too fat! Oh my, I knew it, it's that, those late night snacks, those extra cream doughnuts and Niptini's. Peep just doesn't love me any more, it is true, this flabby worthless Princess is just too fat!

****** Sobs ******

Hang on! I weighed myself last week in the gym, and I was perfect, well according to Honest Frank, our truthful Speak Your Weight Machine. If you want an honest opinion just speak to Frank, 20 cents a time, $1 for longer couch sessions, and $3 if you want it with a full cream latte with nip sprinkles. purrs

Hmm, best not fall into the trap of self doubt and loathing, I have had to dig peeps out of that trap many a time, with the help from our pals, the late and great Nerissa, god bless him, and his brother, Seville, and the crew at Dash Kitten. What fabulous friends and a fabulous place the blogging world is. purrs

Well I think whatever has caused this needs to be nipped in the bud, especially if it's those pesky greenfly, the last thing I want is my nip crop being infested! purrs

Right, where better to start than peeps computer, I just need to crack the rotating, multi layer, contra rotating binary, alpha-numerical code, and......

****** Rattling of keys ******




OK, plan B....

****** Rattling of keys ******

Et voila!  There we go, I'm in. Simple when you know how. But I really do need  to have a word with peeps about writing the password on the whiteboard. Mouses!

Now if I check the mail......

Hmmm, this looks interesting, a mail from  the Lady Penelope, arranging a meeting to pick up.... some jam? 90 miles seems an awfully long way to go just to get something for the mornings toast, especially as peeps is watching the figure and Type 2 diabetes.

Very suspicious, I best read on....

OK, seems like it wasn't jam but marmalade, that does make it better, nothing quite like a bit o....

Hang on, Marmalade................. the CAT!



                                                                       ****** To be Continued ******


It's Sunday Selfie Time!

MANY THANKS to our hosts, the fabulous Kitties Blue, over at the Cat on My Head blog, for hosting this wonderful weekly coming together, a celebration of friendships new and old, and sharing of fun and happiness...

This weeks selfie was supposed to be a candid shot of me asleep, but as all Princesses know, it pays to keep one eye on the birdie! purrs

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