Saturday, 26 November 2016

The Test!

Right, according to this literature, to survive this test of cunning, guile and princessly intuition, I'll need to have a pencil, eraser, paper, a large supply of cream, AND several mice, slowly marinated in Niptini.

OK so I might just have made the last two up, but there's no way this Princess is going in unprepared, no ma'am. Should the worst happen and we're hit by an earthquake, tidal wave or a plain old invasion, this Princess will be ready to stand firm, well more lay firm and have a nap, a snack, and a Niptini. Civilisation must go on. purrs

WOW! Apparently I only have thirty minutes and the clocks running, that can't be right, I mean No princess can take JUST thirty minutes to get things done, a pinch of nip in ones tea takes longer to prepare.

Nope, not right all.  Maybe I should just add a couple of hours onto that, to be on the safe side, after all you just can't rush nature, or my tummy.

OK, what else must I do?

Hmm, right, seems like I must assume the position. Well that seems easy enough. Just get myself over on this here window ledge, where I'll have the perfect view, and somewhere to take notes.

All set, I think. OK, best begin.

First thing on this check list is, Is it Big?

Yup, it's fair to say that's massive, possibly massive with a hint of gigantic thrown in. So that's a CHECK.

OK, next item is, is it Black and threatening in an ominous, end of world fashion?

Well, it most definitely is threatening, and ominous too, so that's a CHECK. But as to black?  Hmm, well more a shade of grey, but maybe I'm just being picky?

OK, I'll just call that mid black, not sure if that's an actual colour, but it is definitely somewhere between black and grey. Mid it is, with a hint of matt, but most definite end of days threatening with more than a hint of biblical ominous.

An on the subject of Matt I always wondered who he was? He sure gets a bad deal in the scheme of things. Surely he wasn't that dull and boring that they named paint after him? Mind you, if he was a watcher of paint drying for a living that's enough to make anyone glaze over. OK so maybe glazing over would happen to someone who watched gloss paint dry, but same difference. MOUSES!

Anyways, back to these instructions. The next question is, Is it wet?

Hmm, well, only one way to be sure, I'm just going to have to take my life in my own paw and brave it and go and see....

Hang on, is that the time? Heck I'll be late for my meeting with the Wool Duvet Testing Board. Best nip off and have a na.... er.... have an Executive Power Break to prepare. purrs

****** Some time later ******

Well that was fun, and I'm fully refreshed and ready to rumble with the Dark and Ominous powers that be, (with a hint of matt grey). Wow! Still dark I see, and it's nearly noon! Things must be way worse than I thought. MOUSES!

Oh well I cant hang around all day, I need to get this stuff sorted out. Now where was I?

Ah, yes, next question was, is it wet? 

OK here goes, I'm going in! Well to be more accurate, I'm going in, going out!

****** Thirty seconds later ******

Arrrgh! Well, I can safely say it was wet, one hundred percent wet with considerable damp patches around the edges, and biblical sheets, nay biblical thick duvets of air born wet stuff everywhere. Mouses!

Right, says here in these instructions I just need to double check my findings against Sargassum, Laminaria, and Fucus, then look for signs of density, volume, and disposition.

Well, I think on those questions I can safely report as follows, that my Fucus is well and truly limp; it is incredibly thick; there is way more than enough of it, AND it looks very angry, everywhere. Mouses!

So, I think it's safe to say, in summary, that what we have out there is one very angry rain storm, and lots of it. Biblical rain in fact, with demonic matt mid black clouds, with definitely a hint of grey.

OK, so all I have to do now is post those answers to this here exam paper to my online meteorological forecasting class, and get my Diploma in Met Officeology. Then I can become the Official Forecaster for my new role as the Palace's 'No need to got to work today' adviser.

Hang on an mo, the suns just come out. Aww MOUSES! Looks like I might just have to go to work after all.

Hmm, I wonder if there are any vacancies at the Institute of Sun Puddleology?



It's Sunday Selfie Time!

My how the weeks go quick! But then there is no finer day than Sunday...This week we are going the Selfies, hosted by the wonderfuffle Kitties Blue,  from the cat on My Head blog, and celebrating all that is great in the blogging community, the fun and friendship not to mention loads of Easies and Naps.....

Now peep had to spend some time from home this week, on business so I thought I would help fill the clothes carrier....

Imagine my surprise when I was told that packing a little black and white number wasn't referring to me!

To see what all our palls have been up to this week, please just click the links/images below.

Have a wonderful week, and enjoy the HOP!