Saturday, 15 October 2016


 Hi! Due to excessive amounts of hard labour, peep has been away from home for many many hours too much, this week. In fact rumour has it, peep was seen encamped in a multi level car park, next to the office, to save on travelling and hotel accommodation costs. Mouses!

Now if I had known, I could have put peep up here, at the Palace, at a very reasonable rate, excluding food of course, and maid service. purrs

Anyways, after many hours slaving away I just decided to have a moments break, to review my latest work, when peep comes in and snaps this picture of little me, allegedly sleeping on the job! As though I would?

Whats that peep?


That sounds like blackmail to me, hmm maybe that should be TUXmail!  Anyways, you can't pin anything on me, not least because this Princess doesn't have lapels!

And if you do, I shall be forced to tell all about you and MAC!


This Princess is not daft you know, you can't pull the wool duvet over my eyes, everyone knows that they don't make computers in Scotland!

Anyhow, it is confession time. Yes I must confess to a heinous crime, one perpetrated by none other than..... peep, who, trying not to disturb me, the Princess who was NOT sleeping, did wantonly pick up the keyboard, by the DELETE key no less, and deleted all my post. Mouses!

What's that peep? They've been spared a long post, you say?

Well I never, off all the...... Mouses!

Note from the Editor: At this point I can but advise that things will resume as normal next week,  it is hoped, when peep's scars are healed, and the keyboard retrieved from the moat! As Erin would say "Mouses!"



This week I am joining the selfies, hosted by the fabulous Kitties Blue, over at the Cat on My Head blog. Thanks guys for being such Wonderful hosts.
The Offending picture from this weeks apology... er.... post, is below.  Clearly I was just checking the wireless fidelity! purrs 

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