Saturday, 16 June 2018

A New Case. Chapter 14

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And now, it's Story time!

"Are you sure, Erin, it does all sound very dangerous, if not to you then my kittens." Esme found Erin's plan bold, but it wasn't without risks.

"I can do it, Esme, trust me I have done similar things before. Granted, whilst not deliberately done, it has worked out OK. Anyway, I can’t see any option. Leaving the kittens here risks HIM doing them more harm." Erin jabbed a paw at the still unconscious Anders on the floor. "Believe me, it is the only way. I will wrap the kittens up beside me in the blankets in that box and it will be over before they know what’s happened. But I need you to be with me on this, Esme, and once down, you must get back up to the room and meet Mrs Hudson and bring her back to this floor. I will get the kittens safely to some hide hole and then meet you by the lifts. OK?" Erin glanced up and could feel, through Esme's protracted silence, that she had doubts. She had doubts herself, but now wasn't the time. Action was called for, and fast, else this guard would be up and Erin would have to escape herself, alone, or face possible capture.

"OK, Erin, please do be careful though. I shall see you all safe, then I will get going." Esme forced a smile back at Erin as she said it, trying to enthuse herself as much as show willing for what she thought in her heart new was a last-ditch plan.

Erin turned around on the top step and sat down to look onto the kittens. They had once more settled together at one end of the box, thankfully to one side. It would be a tight landing if she wasn't going to squash any of them, she said to herself. She breathed in and suddenly became aware of her own bulk, and what now seemed a very small box. She moved forwards so her front half, head legs and shoulders overhung the edge of the ladder. Like a human diver poised before the plunge, Erin composed herself, and then pushed off with her hind feet. She arched gracefully forwards, over and then down, her front legs extended to guide her in whilst her shoulders stayed supple and ready to absorb the force of her landing.

Esme let out a gasp as the box slid and began to tip over from the inertia of Erin's landing and her impact against its side. But Erin had done this before, whilst playing hide and seek with Mrs Hudson. She had anticipated the topple and knew that she would have to sit back down as soon as she landed to stop it moving.

The box settled, with six inches overhanging the edge. Esme let out a sigh of relief as she saw first Erin's ears and then her paws and nose at the lip of the box. She let out a meow of delight but was cut short when the fan switched off and the metal slats clicked shut. She clawed at the slats, but her worn claws couldn't find the same edge that Erin's sharper manicured claws had. She stared at the metal, her heart aching from not being able to see the rest of the rescue. But she knew she had a task to complete, and she trusted Erin to do it. She jumped back over open vent without hesitation and started her ascent to the ninth floor, a little easier in mind and heart than when she started, but she knew it wasn’t over yet.

Erin, standing on her hind legs, watched as the slats came down. Whilst the fan had impeded their conversation, it was now, given her distance away and the closed slats, impossible to talk to Esme. She let out as loud a purr as she could and then turned to her task, and the plan. She introduced herself to the kittens, letting their small noses sniff over her face and paws, and in so doing they would find their mothers, Esme’s scent on her, and be more relaxed and trusting. Then, she shared her own scent and groomed their faces as their mother would, and as she herself done for her own kittens all those years ago. Quite soon they found themselves all curled up together, the kittens latched onto each other, a furry mass of little paws, closed eyes and tiny ears. Erin drew them close, and curled her legs up and her head in to embrace them.

Even with the box slipping as it had, she guessed her plan was still OK. Well OK so long as the kittens stopped where she placed them, towards the end of the box that wasn’t hanging over the side of the cupboard. With the kittens safely in place between her legs, she started to push her weight up and into the front of the box, beside the drop. Keeping her paws as close to the join between the side and base of the box as possible, she soon felt the back of the box start to lift. A few well-placed shoves saw it start to pivot along the front edge where the kittens now slept. As the box came over, she dropped down around the kittens, digging her claws into the blanket they rested on and pulling it in with all her might. The box, like a roller coaster at the top of the first climb, had reached the point of no return, and then pitched over, taking Erin, kittens and the contents with it to the ground.

The toilet rolls scattered as Erin was thrown spine first from the box and ploughed through the top layers of the neat stack. The box, once the kittens prison, lay to one side, empty and stark. The bowls had spilled their meagre contents on the floor, and had come to a clattering halt amidst the disarray, like a pair of soulless staring eyes.

The sound of kittens mewing brought Erin to her feet, and she gently unfolded the kittens from her grasp into the soft light that seeped into the room. Much to her amusement, they headed straight off to explore, and quite happily tumbled off the remaining rolls onto the cold floor below. Stretching her own, now stiff back, Erin gathered her thoughts as to where to go, whilst keeping a motherly eye on her new extended family. No time to think, she thought, action is needed. Esme will have gone on her way and be heading towards the ninth floor, so I should be off too. Grabbing one of the kittens by the scruff, she tried to herd the other two towards the door.

After a minute and no success at getting the other two kittens attention, she stopped and sat the kitten down, making it stay put by giving a hard stare and a firm meow. There is a reason, she mused, that the expression 'Like herding cats' came into being. A little light bulb came on in Erin's head and she reached into her harness and pulled out a length of soft silken rope. Mrs Hudson had knitted it whilst they had slept and had insisted Erin carry it with her. She is a star, she thought, whilst unravelling it. She clearly thought of this situation too. Erin looped the rope around her tail and then, using the loop knitted in the end, attached it to her harness.

Picking up the kitten again, she meowed at the other two, and walked slowly to and through the door, switching the rope with her tail to entice them to follow. Eager to have some fun with their new friend, the two loose kittens gamely pounced, tugged, and attacked the rope. At one point, Erin's tail was dragged so low by both kittens pouncing on it at the same time, she almost collapsed on her behind. And so with the pair entranced, they slowly picked their way around the glass and debris, and headed out towards the main store.


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