Sunday, 28 November 2021

A Sunday Selfie tinged with much sadness.

A Sunday Selfie tinged with sadness for a friend taken from us too soon . . . 


We are participating in The Cat on My Head's Sunday Selfies.


Mrs H and I were so saddened to hear only yesterday that Pete Cusack, Timmy's dad, had passed over the bridge.

We do not know why, and maybe never will. It is all so sudden, and very, very saddening.

But we wanted to tell Pete and all his family of felines that he will be forever missed. What their future holds, we do not know. The world is truly a worse place for his passing, and we hope one day to shine as bright as Pete did, and have as large a famaily too. 

 With somewhat tempered enthusiasm, here is this week's selfie from us. We, meaning, I, had just finished inspecting the mail and decided to take a well earned rest — is there any other sort of feline break, I ask myself?



We wish all our friends well, where ever they may be.


ERin & Mrs H