Sunday 26 November 2023

Just a Sad Sunday and Selfie

 Hello and welcome to our Sunday Selfie 


The book review that we had sheduled for this week has been postponed due to some very sad news. 

As many of you know, Valentine and Kerry Barbero have been absent from blogging for a little while. Kerry recently retired the blog due to bad health.

Saddly, we learned this week that Kerry has entered hospice care.

Ann Adamus very kindly prepared the badge below which some of you may have seen yesterday on the Blogosphere site. It describes far better than Mrs H's saddened and shaky hands and mind ever could. . . .


 Please do spare a thought and add purrs and prayers for Kerry at this very difficult and painful time. And too for David, her devoted husband, who needs our support now and in the time ahead.


Small image. The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop badge. Features a yellow-haired lady with a tuxedo cat on her head.


This week we have joined Janet Blues Blog Hop with a tired and contemplative selfie . . . . 

Mrs H and I spent our time yesterday mulling over life and friends, and also in prayer.


Be well, be safe and be strong. And where you can, extend that paw of friendship and help for others around less able, be they big or small, old or young.

Love and Peace

ERin & Mrs H