Saturday, 14 October 2017

Of Stranger Tides and Mice

Note from the Editor:-

Join me now for the continuing dream story of romance and adventure, on and off the high seas, for Erin and her beloved Valentine aka The Dashing Count Prince Von Valentino. The first chapter, 'Laugh and Love Like a Pirate' can be found HERE, and the second chapter 'The Cursed Mousies' can be found HERE.

Chapter 3.

Part 1: The Road

"And so the weary cat, wends her way to bed,
And thus finds sleep and dreams to rest her weary head.
And in those dreams she travels, across the sea and land
To find her dearest lover and walk hand in hand...." - The Editor

Erin sat quietly in the carriage, musing over the fate that might befall her should she, a known pirate of the fleet of Her Majesty the Good and Great Queen Nellie, be discovered on land, in the New World, making her way to O-R-E-Gon.

Worse still would be her fate if she were to return home with the cargo of Premium Canadian Cheddar, a gift from Premier Seville of Nova Scotia, not where it should be!

She bore the scars on her ears of battles and swash buckling adventures, but losing her tail as a punishment was not an option. Life on the Isle of Man, a punishment for those that failed, would not suit her, she was a free spirit who needed the thrill of the chase to keep her alive. I mean what other reason was there?

She pulled her self up short. If the missive that she received that evening wasn't a trick to capture her for the evil Queen of Spain, then her life once more had hope that her sweet floofy prince was safe and well.

The rain beat down upon the darkened carriage as it passed silently through the night, taking Erin onwards to her secret rendezvous the following day. It skirted the small hamlets that it came across and did not stop but for water and food for the black stallions that drew it ever onwards at an unrelenting pace.

The driver clad in a black cape and a deep hood, had ushered Erin into the carriage and closed the shuttered door behind her, all without a word. She didn't see his eyes nor did she want to as there was something about him that made her want to retreat into her own fur.

He carried no whip to stir the team of four mighty black horses, and the reins seemed only for show as they hung loose in his black gloved hands.

No commands or sounds found Erin's ears and yet they deftly steered their way around falling trees, and holes in the track. Maybe it was her imagination but she thought she heard a whistling in the wind, maybe that was their master for when it came they flew.

They flew as though possessed of wings, their muscles rippling as they forged forward, hooves barely touching the ground, and the rain running from the silken flowing manes and across the grooves formed as the muscles flexed and rounded to the relentless stride.

Within, and shielded from all but the worst of the rain that came in through the small window behind the driver, Erin recalled the events that followed their reunion on the Black Floof, and how they had chased down the scurvy sea mouse pirate Captain Mignon Mouse-Morsel who had stolen her ship and the precious cargo. A few shots across the bows with case hardened Parmesan balls and peppered with litter shot, he realised that he was out run and out gunned and had allowed them to retake the ship.

With her cargo safe and the mice captive aboard the Black Floof and at the mercy (or otherwise) of the Prince, they had said goodbye and arranged to meet in secret at Valentines private forest estate. He was to send his best captain accompanied by his private army of house panthers, to collect her and escort her through the wilds of the new world.

She remembered how at that final moment he held her to his chest, his manly floof enveloping her in so sweet a musk, and how she felt safe and warm. What a guy!

And then storm came. Erin shuddered remembering how it came out of nowhere, as though possessed of evil and had rent her from her course to offload her cargo. She remembered how they had battled high waves and a battering that stretched the very timbers of her good ship, and finally after losing sails and mast and rigging, was driven North on as stranger tides as she had ever known.

As the storm and the tides that had pulled her from her sweet prince subsided, she wondered if Valentino and the Black Floof had suffered the same fate and if he had survived.

She continued North, and making repairs on route, had made good time to land fall. She found safe harbour on a deserted beach in the South Carolinas, that the local peoples called the Myr of Turtle apparently the Myr was the sound they made as they raced each other up and down the strip. Personally Erinee suspected this was all hog wash and made up for tourists and passing pirates.

Nice place for a holiday, she thought, and if I could buy this land off the natives I could build a hotel and a golf course or two. Have to rename it though, sounds too much like a soup. Myr-tle Beech works, kinda catchy. And with that thought she strode off up the beech, dodging turtles, towards a plume of smoke the crew had spotted on arrival.

From where the SS ERINEE was parked, it was a good two hours of walking through thick vegetation before two buildings, a barn and a trading post, came into view.

Even though desperate for news of the Black Floof and Valentino, she was wary not to raise suspicion as to either her identity or purpose. Stopping shy of the clearing in which the buildings sat, Erinee undressed from her pirate garb and donned some more rural boots and a straw hat and stowed her other belongings under a clump of wild mint.

Darkness was falling quickly and when she next looked up, the lights in the trading post were flickering in the offshore breeze that Erinee knew would bring foul weather before too long.

To complete her disguise as a travelling salescat, she grabbed the sack of goods that had been pillaged from the SS IKEA, and feigned a wearisome pace, made her way to the shacks rough hewn wooden door and pushed it in wards with her boot.

To be continued next week...........


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