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Chapter 12: Ear today, gone tomorrow!

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It's Adventure Time!!!

I am, with Valentine from the Noir Kitty Mews blog, proud to present to you our loyal readers, our story of Love and Adventure on the High Seas. 

Born out of a 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' post and Val's responding post, 'The Cursed Mousies', this has grown and become a truly International affair (no pun intended) of friendship, blogging co-operation and collaboration (many long hours on Skype and FaceTime) and most of all, fun. As to all the cream and candy that were consumed, well my lips are tightly sealed MOL.

Thank You for sailing along with us, and we hope you'll enjoy the ride each Saturday and Sunday through and concluding on Christmas Eve...

Please join us now, Captain - Count Prince Von Valentino and I, for the next exciting chapter of our story......

Chapter 12  

Ear today, gone tomorrow!

"Well, Camembert, looks like you and your stomach are sinking to new lows. Extortion, smuggling, kitten slavery and now kidnapping coercion and attempted murder. OH, and animal abuse too. I mean what did that guinea pig do to you, huh, chew too loudly?!"

"Princess, you are hardly in a position to criticise, now are you. Just count yourself lucky I still need that information else you'd be squid bait, sans those half ears."

"You would dare!'" Erin feigned shock as she knew full well what he could do. She sensed she could make a bid for freedom, but she needed the Caracal's hackles up enough to challenge her to a duel.

"You wouldn't dare," She repeated herself again, "my Valentine would see you off and no mistake. He may be soft and cuddly and have a heart of gold, but he has strength of character the likes of which you will never know."

"THAT ball of floof? He couldn't melt cheese or wield a cocktail stick, let alone worry me. What does he see in you anyway? Half ears, silly English accent and an irrational love of hard cheese. Bah! You can't even be a decent pirate...... AND you fight like a girl!"

"Well excuse me, Monsignor Guinea pig pants," Erin smirked in a provocative fashion as she said it, "but if I'm so bad a pirate why don't you chance your arm at me, huh? Are you scared of being whopped by a GIRL? And if the Queen doesn't need me alive then what's the risk?" Or are you just all mouth and no cassock?

Erin could sense that she had him thinking, as he stood stroking his beard with his claws. "Well," he declared with a heavy hint of insincerity, "a little light sabre practice won't go amiss. And as I'm the clergy around her I can absolve myself after I have run you through! Though before I do, I'll give you more holes than Gruyere and you'll beg to give me the information I seek."

With that, he grunted at the dogs holding the net to release her, and as soon as she was up, he tossed her back her own sabre. She went for the catch, but her still numb fingers couldn't hold on, and it fell with a clang to the dock.

Not waiting for her to recover the blade, Camembert's sword swished through the air. "Well my pretty thing, where shall I start? A bit off a side, Senorita, right I think."

The blade zipped across right flank, and sent a spray of white and black hair falling to the dock. He was playing with her and meant to have his cake and eat it too, she thought.

Erin gave a gasp, and clutching her side, she slowly sank towards the dock. The Cardinal, thinking he'd scored a hit, relaxed as she'd hoped, and gave her the grace she needed to take action. Before her knees had touched down, she cartwheeled forwards, and grabbing her sabre, drove it at the Cardinal, piercing his robes. The swiftness of the attack caught him unaware, but the heavy cloth saved him from all but a small wound. And whilst it didn't disable him it did make him think of TNR.

Erin seized the moment, and finding her feet, drove home the attack. Her aim was not to kill but to make good her escape without taking life. Her modest attire, and smaller size meant she could out run the blows the heavily robed Camembert threw at her. But, conscious of the fight not going his way, Camembert threw the skeletal mouse, and some cheese it had been eating, from his pocket and onto her body.

As Erin battled with the mouse, Camembert, hoping to cut things short, went for the kill.

The mouse, having ended up at Erin's derriere, chose that moment to bite down hard. Ironically the mouse saved Erin's life. Flinching and stumbling backwards the blade missed her neck, skinning her ears instead.

The mouse fared less well and was in the wrong place for it, but the right for Erin. In breaking her fall, it met its end, it's little bones scattering under the impact and evaporating in wisps of grey smoke.

Erin tried to get to her feet but stopped and slumped back down. There, wafted before her eyes by Camembert was the blue glow of the zombie making dagger. Dropping the sabre, Erin slowly reached up with both paws, and winced as she felt the wounds on her ears. "Well thank goodness they weren't there to be cut off," she purred with mild amusement, "else you'd have both the devil AND Valentine to pay!"

To be continued.............

DON'T miss the next thrilling chapter, by Valentine, next Saturday on the Noir Kitty Mews Blog......

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