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Written and fully illustrated by Clara Vulliamy.  



An Adventure Book Review by Erin the Literary Cat©, International Book Reviewer.

Hello, and welcome to my weekend Read and Review, featuring a PAWTASTIC adventure in Middle-Grade fiction.


This week, we have Book 3 in the Dog Squad series by a hugely talented artist and writer. So please bring your paws together, wag tails, and give deep rumbling purrs for Clara Vulliamy! 

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Without further ado, assuming everyone has been fed and had their walkies, let's start our review of THE SHOW.

AUTHOR & ARTIST throughout:  Clara Vulliamy


Published by:  Harper Collins Children's Books


Publication date Paperback:  OUT NOW


Paperback ISBN:  978 - 000 -856 5473

UK Cover price for Paperback:  £6.99


Pages: 104


Age range:  7 - 11

Any dogs or cats? More dogs than you can throw a stick for, and, if you look carefully, you'll see a rather smart cat in there!




Yes. Some as to plot direction and characters through images and text. 



Thank you to...


A MASSIVE thank you to Clara, who personally sent over the digital artwork pictures specifically so you all could enjoy them at their best and see how wonderful the book is. 

As ever, our views are our own, and we only share reviews of books we have bought, been given as gifts or received in exchange for an impartial review.

First and foremost, the books we review are those we select to read, like, and feel our global readers deserve to know about and that we hope they, their family, friends and students will enjoy.


The plot

Eva, along with Wafer, her whippet, and her two friends Ash and Simone, head off to deliver parcels of supplies to local residents who can't get out due to a storm and floods the previous day. It soon transpires that the storm ripped a hole in the roof of the local Happy Tails animal rescue centre. Even worse, as the shelter doesn't have the funds to repair the roof, they will have to close, and the animals will be homeless.

© Unhappy tails at the Sanctuary

Enter our team of young reporters and crime solvers, The Dog Squad. What if the trio could raise funds for the shelter? It's a great idea, one that their teacher thinks will work. Accordingly, he booked the school playground for the event a week hence. The fundraising event will be a Dog Show, and all that entails.

But if the team, Eva Ash and Simone, think they have this sorted, they have a rude awakening. After an initial keenness from their classmates to join in, there is nothing to show on the third day of planning save for two totalisers, some ruffled egos and empty chairs at the latest meeting. 

Simone, Ash and Eva trying to plan. ©

What have the team done wrong? More to the point, what can they do right to save the event and the shelter. With their teacher upset at losing his wedding ring, it seems nothing can go right.

To find out what the kids have done wrong and what they have to do to turn things around, you will have to buy an entry ticket to the Dog Show. I assure you, there is everything to play for, sticks included, and lessons and surprises cavort, yap, bark and howl all around. 

So, what did we think?

We have never had so much fun looking at all the wonderful images that pack this lovely story. Mrs H smiled from ear to ear at some of the antics. If we gave star ratings, this would be a galaxy. Without a doubt, this is a superb third adventure. Clara's artwork leaps off the pages and into one's heart.

Wafer helping out with some artwork! ©

The characters are so expressive. Big or small, as you see in this review, the images bring an extra and exciting dimension. The drama of the storm and its effect on people, property, and pets is palpable and immediately strikes a chord. Wafer is, of course, a central character, and he does lend a paw—to disastrous effect—but this particular story brings a bigger vista and adventure. 

We loved every page of this perfect-length, expressive and delightful tale. I think all the younger readers will love it too. 

© Fun and games for all at the Dog Show.


So . . . . Crunch time. 

A must-have new read for parents and schools wishing to educate, enthuse and bring value to reading. It engenders responsibility and caring and promotes pausing to consider others when making decisions. This adventure focuses quite ably on team building and inclusivity of all sorts to deliver results. And it is done in the best way: naturally, without hammering home, and as a default setting. Many adults could learn a thing or two I can tell you.

© Everyone can help out

In a society seemingly bereft of social niceties and driven by money and must-have attitudes, this adventure is a ray of hope, one most parents will appreciate seeing. 

Want to buy a copy?

To get a copy, please, do consider your local independent bookshop. There are plenty out there just waiting to serve up whatever kind of mystery, fun and adventure you desire.


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