Sunday 23 June 2024

Sunday Sunny Selfie, Sans book review.

Hello and welcome to a weekend selfie.

OK, so there is no book review to trawl through, which I guess is a good thing when there are sun puddles to be checked out and validated for size and comfort.

At least that is what the Cat Weather Association (CWA) of Upper Much-Mousing says. And who am I to argue with them, especially as I am commander in chief of that esteemed organisation. 

The book review is written, but Mrs H is currently knee-deep in paperwork. Well, in truth, more ankle-deep, but it seems way worse when you're a feline. And she is ankle-deep only because she toppled the filing cabinet over attempting to emulsion the ceiling in a delicate pale green shade to match the walls. Well, when I say to match the walls, I mean to match the walls now they are splattered with pale green paint from the spilt pot!

On the plus side, I get to visit you all a bit quicker and you likewise. 

So, without further ado, here is a Sunday Sunny Selfie Sans Book Review, which we have entitled "The 'Toes' have It!"

We are joining the Sunday Selfies, hosted by the wonderful Kitties Blue and their mum, Janet Blue, from the Cat on My Head blog in America. Click this link to see Janet Blue's selfie page.

Small image. The Cat on My Head Sunday Selfies Blog Hop badge. Features a yellow-haired lady with a tuxedo cat on her head.



Till laters!