Sunday, 13 October 2019

Toxophily 101

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This week I have been most studious in mastering an ancient art.

Did you realise that Henry VIII decreed that all able bodied males under 60 should learn how to use a longbow?

No? Well, I can confirm that it's true. Way back in the 1500's—and by that I mean the 1500's years and not at around three pm and afternoon tea time—England was getting into a lot of arguments with France and Spain, and generally anyone we didn't like which seemed to be most of Europe. So, given the success of our archers, it was decided that it would be a great training activity. Only the clergy and the judges were exempt from the law, and of course the womenfolk too.

Anyways, Henry passed this law, and apparently, it meant you could get out of doing your homework, and housework duties by archery practice. Sadly these days the only archery folks seem to do is using a computer to design buildings.

Still, having learnt of this much needed and little-used activity I decided to pass a decree that all those fit and able staff in the palace should partake of this practice. The only exception will be if they get a note from me or Mrs H.

Now if you are wondering what use such a skill might be these days, just think of all the stuff you could get deliver faster by an arrow, the newspaper for one, and the post for another. Not to mention all the litter one could stop from blowing around the place.

Now I can hear a lot of folk saying that this would all be too risky. Well apparently there was a historic answer to that too, and if you killed or maimed someone, you were let off so long as you were practicing your bowmanship at the time!

And here for your toxophilite-delight is this weeks selfie of me practicing. . . .

And in case your wondering, Mrs H forbade me from using real arrows on account of staff shortages, and that I keep shutting my eyes. Do you think this will get me out of doing the washing up and dusting though???

     Thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoyed my archery special.

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  1. Erin the Archer! How inventive of you And you look like an adorable little archer in that selfie. We got to see your toes. Are this jelly bean toes we see? Keep up the good work. Not too many cats can boast this accomplishment!

  2. That is the purrfect archer pose sweet Princess!

  3. Archery? Hmm... Grandpa used to have a bow and quivers (quivers is a funny sounding word, don't you think?), but I think it was for going after big beasties. I think having your staff take up archery is a most excellent idea. You can inspire them by demonstrating that you can hit the bullseye every time. That way if the zoms come creeping around they can take them out one by one. I was shot with the love arrow and ever since then, my heart has beated for you. Purr purr purr. Your Prince, V.

  4. I used to practise archery a long time ago. Maybe I should take it up again so I can get out of doing housework!

  5. You are in perfect form, that's for sure! Probably not safe to do it with your eyes closed though...

  6. Wow how do I follow the romantic vValentine!

    OK we think arrows and bows and stuff have their place but maybe not in an English country village Princess Erin.

    Harvey H Button
    Senior Cat who could not run away fast from an arrow.

  7. Erin, we think your archery idea is great. Yes, we could all really clean up all the litter blowing around! :)

    Hugs to you and Mrs. H!

  8. You do a great job as a bowman Erin and well Henry was a funny old chap like that,xx Speedy

  9. Your claws make good darts (arrows from a longbow)...and you know what? Our neighbour, we=ll he uses one of those to hunt...we think he brings home foodables for his family...or maybe for his kitty and his pup, MOL!
    We think he prolly keeps his eyes open though, MOL!

  10. ERin; knot onlee iz yur matt awesum, ewe yur self bee gorgeouz but we said when we reeded yur storee...whoa...that wood werk and OUCH...we think 15 hundred tea time soundz...safer !! :) ♥♥

  11. That Henry was a smart dude! The longbow was a crazy good invention, and it made England very hard to overrun. The arrows would fly very far, and then hit was enough force to puncture armor. He wanted to keep his kingdom, no doubt about it...and he messed with The Pope too, at the same time...not to mention all of those wives...

  12. You would be an excellent archer, Erin. :)

  13. Oh, yes. The incomparable Henry VIII. Roman Catholic countries tend to take offense when you create your own religion and send one of their royals packing. At least Catherine of Aragon suffered a better fate than some of his wives :)