Sunday, 21 June 2020

We're sneezing our way back to you . . .

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     As lockdown eases in the UK, so the pollen count rises and the rain falls. In fact, I could swear there is a link between the three, and all sent to frustrate Mrs H's attempts to have some building work and repairs finished.

     Besides and notwithstanding heavy hayfever like none she has ever had before – and which I thinks is caused by the government trying to suppress unrest in the ranks of middle-class housekeepers with drugs in the water and air, she has also been doing editorial works for our book. I say our book, well it is Valentines and mine. Mrs H just gets to do the typing and other such boring stuff. Believe me, when someone has hayfever you do not want them anywhere near a keyboard for fear they'll delete tracts of text with each heavy sneeze. Mrs H has accordingly been masked up, even at home.

     Anyways, as Mrs H is all drugged up with her antihistamine tablets as well as government-issued non-optional drugs, I got to pick the pictures we've been stockpiling since April.

     So without further ado, and conspiracy theory aside, here's my selfie offering for this week. . . .

     As you can see, all the work I have been undertaking on Mrs H's behalf is relentless. Naps here and there are now mandatory to make sure all seats get at least one warming in every 12 hour period.

     A tough life, but until Mrs H is safely out of the sneezing zone, one my small shoulders (as well as tummy legs and head) will have to bear.

     Thank you for visiting us this week, and we hoped you enjoyed our cutting of frivolous fun feline fancy.

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Stay safe, and until next week

Toodle pip and purrs!


  1. I absolutely love your portrait! You are working so hard it wears me out to look at you!

    I hope Mrs H feels better soon!

    1. Thank you, me too. All this resting on things is wearing me down, MOL ;)

  2. You Poor Girl! You have been working so hard, you must be completely exhausticated!

  3. It is good to see you again!
    I used to get very bad hayfever in my late teens and through my twenties but thankfully it just disappeared one year to never return again.
    Ivor has never suffered from it until this year and now he won't let me forget how he is suffering. Think man flu!!
    Your selfie is lovely and makes me want to tickle that tum!

  4. Sweet snoozy selfie.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. That's a wonderful selfie sweet Princess and boy we've sure been missing you. Thank you for your kind words about our sweet Zoe, we appreciate it.

  6. Welcome back - we were getting concerned but glad to know that your blog hiatus is over and only due to that horrid hay fever. Our conspiracy theory is that someone turned the dial up on the heat so we all stay indoors in the air conditioning or next to a fan. You look as lovely as ever in your napping position and those chairs are fortunate to have you. Sending some virtual tissues and aspirin to the mom-xoxo, Bibi & Meep

  7. We really wish you well with that Hey-Fever... Oh... sorry we were trying to let a fever know that it was time to go but Hay Fever is way different and we see you are on the case LouLou

  8. Eeks, sneezing!
    The Hubby threw his back out once, from a violent sneeze!

  9. Oh no! Poor Mrs. H! We hope she feels better. You're looking good, Erin.

  10. How exhausting! Hay fever is a real bummer but so glad you're back.

  11. Erin! It's so nice to see you again! That is a great snoozy selfie. We can see how all that helping has been very tiring. Sending purrs about Mrs. H's hay fever. We hope it subsides soon!

  12. Oh I missed you Princess Erin! Oh, Ma has the sneezes too! It's kind of let up here, butts she pretty much has year-round allergies, so she is always sneezin' and stuffs ☺
    I hopes Mrs. H feels better, and the sneezin' can be SO annoyin' when we're tryin' to sleeps, amirite...bol
    Oh, and your selfie is pawsome my furiend!
    Ruby ♥

  13. ERin itz grate ta see ewe again N ewe bee az gorgeouz & even mor sew then de last time we saw ewe...sorree de mizzuz iz havin a bad case oh food gurl used ta get de hay when her waz young { 1497 } thanx bee ta cod her out grewed it; itz vizshuz ~~~~ bee happee, healthee N safe ♥♥♥

  14. Well, now that is the absolute perfect selfie, ERin. And it looks so comfy and warm on your end! Well, I mean for ALL of you ... not just on your end. I meant "your end" in the you vs. us perspective.

  15. Look at you all curled up and looking so cute!

    Mom has been dealing with bad allergies, too. It's a good thing that she usually has a good supply of tissues in the cupboard. She started licking a spoonful of honey a day to build up her I MOON system or some such thing. Maybe Mrs. H. could do that, too. I think I heard Mom say something about Netty's Pot helping to calm allergies. Now I'm not sure who Netty is or what's in her special pot -- nip maybe? Thankfully the nose sniffies I had earlier in the month went away, 'cause they're no fun. Kisses for you my sweet. Love from Your Prince