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Book cover features Freddie the cat in Buddhist robes. He sits meditating amongst an array of multicoloured tulips under a lightly clouded sky.

An Adventure Book Review by Erin the Literary Cat©, International Book Reviewer.

Hello, and welcome to my weekend Book Review, today featuring Adventures in FELINE Fiction. 

But first . . .

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ We have WINNERS! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️


Mrs H has held the draw for copies of the Forgotten Garden, the fab new book by Sharon Goosling. The winners were decided by observing the numbers on the side of 15 of Farmer Clarksin's sheep and then seeing which were the first to escape the field.

First through the hedge was No. 32, Doris, which meant that Peachy, Stippie, Angel Binky and Granny of the Angelswhisper2011 blog won the first copy of The Forgotten Garden by Sharon Gosling.

Second out the field was No. 7, Agatha, who exited the field by a rather deft shimmy under a gate. This means that Tama-Chan, Benny, Momo, Vidock, Violette, Ollie, Hotesse & Heloise of 'The Poupounette' blog in Perche, France, win the second copy of The Forgotten Garden.

Congratulations to you both, who will receive English lanuage versions. Please leave a specific comment with your addresses. We moderate all comments so this particular comment will not be posted.

Now, on to the review!

This week we have a delightful sequel. One that is all cat. Well, cat-centric, with entertaining shenanigans from squirrels, crows and a parakeet!

Book cover features Freddie the cat in Buddhist robes. He sits meditating amongst an array of multicoloured tulips under a lightly clouded sky.



AUTHOR: Julian Worker
Cover art by: Unknown at this time.
Published by: Mirador Publishing

Publication date: Paperback– OUT NOW!

Paperback ISBN:  978 191 4965 739

Price for Paperback: £13.99

KINDLE price currently on offer at $2.99/£2.99 

Pages: 241
Age range: Y/A Adult

Any dogs or cats? Oh, yes and many more besides.


Some as to plot direction and characters, including preceding adventure.
Thank you to...

I am exceedingly grateful to Mrs H for buying this book for me to Read & Review. It was on my to-buy list, and she bought it for me.
As ever, our views are our own, and we only share reviews of books we have bought, been given as gifts, or received in exchange for an impartial review.

First and foremost, the books we review are those we like and feel our global readers deserve to know about and that we hope they, their children, friends, and students will enjoy.
The plot

We join Freddie and Gemma at home in the UK. Life for them both has become better since Gemma's attitude has eased. She is learning from reading books that life can be different. She is also learning from Freddie's Buddhist ways that humans are not the monsters she thought. She used to blame humans for stealing her kittens and was exceptionally bitter as a result. Now, she is more accepting of what happened. At least she doesn't now bite the hands of Mary and John, the humans she and Freddie live with.

It is, as the book so wittingly describes and titles each and every chapter, 'today'. After the humans have headed off to work, Freddie heads off to the local park to see his squirrel friend, Rufus. There is a conflict between a large wasp colony that has made its new home in a tree and the local council. For the sake of people being stung, they intend to chop down the tree to drive the wasps, who all happen to be called Wilf, away. With arbitration, Freddie brokers peace, and all ends well.

Not long after, Freddie has some visitors. A group of crows from Holland, related to his local crow family, come in search of Freddie and Gemma obtain to obtain their services. Unbeknown to the cats, their fame has spread globally via YouTube videos of the antics in the park and catching a thief at the local library.

Should they choose to accept it, Gemma and Freddie's mission is to travel to Holland to help the Dutch crows and Europol catch various ne'er-do-wells. In the process, they hope to unravel a large web of and bring down a far greater number of villains in and outside of Holland. The list is daunting: Mafia, human traffickers and diamond smugglers must be followed and brought to book.

It will mean travelling when their humans are away on holiday, and, for Freddie, going undercover with hair colouring (washable) so he won't be recognised.

To add to the tension, when the two arrive in Amsterdam, they learn a contract has been put out to get them!

With mild-mannered and super-efficient Miep as their guide and carer, will the two dynamic cats, with their special rapport with creatures and humans, save the day and, more importantly, save themselves? 

To find out what happens and get a wonderful feel for the majesty and culture of the city that is Amsterdam, you'll just have to read on . . .

So, what did we think?

Our Cats in Amsterdam is a thinking cat and persons book, though that isn't to say it's not fun or humourous; it most certainly is.

Starting shortly after Freddie's last adventure featured in 'Diary of a Buddhist Cat' (see our review HERE), we soon are into the thick of a mission that follows as much Freddie's and Gemma's personal development and enlightenment as it is the defeat of global ne'er do wells and villains. But these are villains we will all have heard of, broadly, in the news, which makes it more relevant and appealing.

Throughout, Gemma and Freddie discuss the requested selection of literature they have been left to read by their thoughtful Dutch hosts. The book titles and authors will, I am sure, be familiar to you all. I am ashamed to say I have read none of them. It is a fault I shall be rectifying shortly, as I put an order in for books on stoic philosophy and philosophers.

The book's pace in parts initially struck me — metaphorically speaking and not that Mrs H was having an autistic meltdown — as slow. But I realised that this was in tune with the delightful atmosphere redolent of Amsterdam itself. A city whose gentle cycling and walking leafy thoroughfares and waterside environ create a different air to the intensity of the London or New York scene we often see in modern literature.

This is an adventure that does not require violence as a driver. However, there is threat and peril on a feline level and underlying tones in the human world, too.

But no tale with these delightful two felines, so very much like humans, would be the same without the antics at Freddie's local library. The discourse between Freddie, his friend Angela the Librarian, and Roger, her rather scheming and doubting college, is rib-tickling and just perfect.

So . . . .
Crunch time.

If you have read the Diary of a Buddhist Cat, this is an excellent enlightening, thought-provoking sequel. A must-have. If you have not, do get that first story under your belt and then read this.

This adventure is once more seen through the eyes of Freddie. It has action scenes – conflict, stand-offs, negotiations and betrayal. We read this slowly but carefully over a week and thoroughly enjoyed the change of pace and underlying message for doing good and enlightenment. The story is not without its surprises, and Mrs H and I are both wondering what will happen next and also wishing for a sequel . . .

Want to buy a copy?

To get a copy, please saunter down to your local independent bookshop (a tulip-lined canalside route would be great but is optional). There are plenty out there, and each unique shop is just waiting to serve up whatever kind of mystery, fun and adventure you desire.


JULIAN WORKER's web page can be found HERE. Or copy and paste



MIRADOR Publishing's web page can be found HERE. Or copy and paste


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  1. ERin, what a beautiful, regal profile you have! That's such a lovely selfie!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! That sounds like a good adventure, thanks for the fun review. Sweet Princess, I love your selfie!

    1. Thank you. I think you might enjoy this one, as an adult flavour to it.

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    1. Great to see you. The smell of them fish is a delight to those that wish. But on my platter is roast beef and tatter, and soon I'll be asleep and dreaming of sheep. Oh dear that rhyme means I'm out of time!

  4. ERin, we love that profile selfie you did today. You look beautiful as always.

    Congrats to the winners! I bet they will love the Forgotten Garden. I have finished the Lighthouse Bookshop, and I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much!

    Your reviews are always spot on, so we will also check out Our Cats in Amsterdam. It sounds terrific, as well.

    Hugs to you and Mrs. H!

    1. Thank you, that is very kind of you to say. Julian Worker is a skilled writer of fiction, but also writes many regarded travel books, too.
      Check out the KINDLE version as that is currently ONLY $2.99
      The Buddhist cat books, this one in particular, are definitely a thinking persons book, and get quite philosophical if you wish them to be.

    2. Thank you for the heads-up about the Kindle version on sale. I just purchased it! XO

  5. What a thoughtful book. It sounds like a bag of sweets, all different, all tasty with a few surprises along the way.I have added this to our circulation list!

    1. Im not sure if there is any coffee flavoured sweets in this (Mrs H likes the coffee sweets) but it certainly is a great and thinking cats book.

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    1. Thank you on both counts 🙂. Mrs H can take a good picture, but it was me that did all the directing.

  7. That looks to be yet another great book to read!
    Congrats to the winners of that book!

    And yes, that is an amazing profile selfie, today, Erin. You are quite beauteous!

    1. It was very good. Mrs H has even managed to do the draw in time and send off the books, too! Thanks, it was one of Mrs H's better attempts at using PIZAP app. ;)

  8. Congrats to the winners! That is another lovely review. Almost as lovely as your selfie.

  9. OMC...we can't hardly believe that we're winners of that great book, Purrincess, and to be honest, we didn't even know that we were in...MOL...We feel very lucky and are very curious about the book💗 Thanks Erin😸 Concats to the other winners too!
    Your review of Our cats in Amsterdam, also looks like a great read. Your reviews always wants us to read effurrything😸 and Your Selfie is Outstanding. You're such a handsome kitty😻 Double Pawkisses for a Happy Week ahead to you and Mrs H too🐾😽💞

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  11. That sounds like an interesting book. Love your profile, Erin!

  12. Erin, we received the book Caturday. YAY! Thank you so much💗We hope we can read it soon! Extra Pawkisses for you and Mrs H too🐾😽💞

    1. Glad it arrived ok. Enjoy the read and maybe you'll go on to the other books, too. 🙂