Sunday 17 December 2023

CAT SUMMER (Book one in The Cat Seasons tetralogy)


by Mollie Hunt;  

Cat Summer book cover. It shows a lawned and hedged garden scene. Three lead catcharacters from the book apppear on the cover. Front and just right of centre is a large ginger tom with bright yellow eyes. Behind in the middle ground is a fluffy tuxedo cat, and sitting in the border under a hedge is a fluff silver gray feline. Cat Summer title appears in a salmon orange along the top, along with the Cat Writers Association Muse Winner Badge. Auhors name is in white upper & lower text along the bottom.


An Adventure Book Review by Erin the Literary Cat©, International Book Reviewer.

Hello, and welcome to my weekend Book Review featuring this week an Middle Grade Adventure Fiction.
This week, as the year slowly draws to an end, I offer you our final review of 2023. We have an adult book to review, called Lie or Die, by Firefly Press. It's LONG. So, Mrs H has got a stash of mince pies in and a fresh bottle of sherry, and we'll be busy reading throughout the rest of December. Me, I have six boxes of cat food and some long-life cream and catnip and valerian cushions to while away the quiet hours between chapters.

So, without further ado, here's the review!

Cat Summer book cover. It shows a lawned and hedged garden scene. Three lead catcharacters from the book apppear on the cover. Front and just right of centre is a large ginger tom with bright yellow eyes. Behind in the middle ground is a fluffy tuxedo cat, and sitting in the border under a hedge is a fluff silver gray feline. Cat Summer title appears in a salmon orange along the top, along with the Cat Writers Association Muse Winner Badge. Auhors name is in white upper & lower text along the bottom.

AUTHOR: Mollie Hunt


Cover art by: Roslyn McFarland


Published by: Independent Published


Publication date Paperback: This 2nd edition 7/2/2023



Paperback ISBN:  978-1984134844 


Cover price for Paperback:  £11.77

Kindle UK price:  £4.99


Pages: 353


Age range:  ADULT

Any dogs or cats? Absolutely chocked full of cats, plus some interesting humans, too!




Some as to plot direction and characters.



Thank you to... 


I am incredibly grateful to Mrs H for buying me this for an early festive holiday present.

As always, our views are our own, and we only share reviews of books we have bought, been given as gifts, or received in exchange for an impartial review. 

First and foremost, the books we review are those we select to read, like, and feel our global readers deserve to know about and that we hope they, their family, friends and students will enjoy. 

The plot


Our protagonist, Lise, awakes at night in her bed. It's hot, and she can't sleep. Forgoing dressing, she skips downstairs through the large, empty house. Her aged tuxedo cat, Percy, lies snuggled on the sofa. That is where the familiarity of the scene ends, for sitting on the floor is a large orange tabby. When she asked herself out loud who he was, he actually answered her. He is called Evermore Artair Eckx or plain Tom. The two cats discuss Lise's suitability to be 'She Who'. Tom thinks she is too big and clumsy to fit in their world. But time, it seems, is short, and their mission has to happen on Tri-Night, which is now. So, Lise is what they have to work with. But the cats head off, and Lise, for better or worse, follows. Still uncertain of what is really going on, but driven by curiosity and the guiding of the cats, she drops to all fours and dove whiskers first through the flap into the night beyond. Here marks the start of their journey and perilous mission. 

The cats offer little in the way of information as to the task that must be done. But soon, it becomes clear there is a demonic-like force, an evil that has been driving and feeding off man's wickedness and destructive nature. The name of the beast is Seh. And if he isn't stopped now, they never will be able to.

In an old neighbourhood shed, they come across one of Seh's minions, and it's not pretty. The cats flee, and soon enough, Lise realises there are many cats out there to help in the fight to bring an end to Seh's powers. It will be too late if they leave it till the next Tri-Night. Tri-nights give all sentient beings, of which cats are one, the ability to do things they could not before, like talk to each other.

It is a mission that will bring them face to face with friends and foes, some feline, others creatures of this world but turned bad within. Lise is warned by a feline she meets en route to watch out for their eyes. If they are red, they are evil and in league with Seh. The journey also takes our heroes, for that is what the ultimate band of felines is, on a quest that will transcend realms, maybe dimensions, where they will take on different forms and face not only the devilish workings of Seh but also Seh itself in a tangible form.

Like the best stories, those like LOTR, the heroes will be tested to breaking point, maybe even death. In the Alter tier– the realms cats can visit beyond their bodies and beyond the mortal world– things are not what they seem, nor people or creatures.

So as not to spoil this adventure, I shall leave my review here. I have but covered the intro to the first half of this story, which moves forward briskly to not one, but two conclusions. To say more would ruin the drama that unfolds and who features.

So, what did we think? Beware, Spoilers!!!!

The story is divided and defined by both chapters and time. It is also very descriptive; the writer has taken great pains to create a solid and compelling ambience-filled setting for the feline and human characters and the grizzly baddies in all their forms, wherever they may be. There is a very credible and clever link between the science and the fiction, which gives the story a grounding, especially in the second half.

I have to say, Mrs H and I were taken aback when, halfway through, we reached the second part and jumped 100 years. But the transition to what are effectively new characters was handled well. You'll note I say 'effectively new'. That will become clear when you read the story. Suffice it to say, this is a story with twice the punch. The ultimate ending (though arguably, given there are more books to come, this isn't the ending) was gripping and heartfelt. 

There is as much a journey of discovery for Lise as there is action and adventure. A higher purpose to her life, maybe the lives of all humanity. Thought-provoking.

I loved the cats, which are studies in feline behaviour and mannerisms. Knowing how skilled a cat carer Mollie is, this should be no surprise to any of her readers. This is a standout example, within its genres, of how we feel an excellent feline book should be for those who have neither cats nor read feline-themed adventures. 

For us, there are many ways of depicting cats in adventure stories. Over the years, they have been relegated in human-based detective stories to mere sidekicks or hooks to lure cat lovers and humanitarians. Don't get us wrong; any books featuring positive enforcement for fellow sentient creatures are to be applauded. More recently, I am pleased to see our favourite sentients, the cats, get a fair crack at the whip and move to speaking and action rolls. 

I have reviewed LT Shearer's first two books, The Cat Who Caught a Killer and The Cat Who Solved Three Murders, and was pleased with the intelligent portrayal of Conrad, the talking feline co-protagonist. It is also pleasing to see children's/Middle-Grade books with all manner of other sentient creatures ably portrayed. 

There are what we consider 'adult' moments in this book, which, for me, would make this an adult-only read.


So . . . . 

Crunch time.

A story worthy of Ray Bradbury – Old School in the best way. Keenly written, a blend of spiritualism, fantasy and science fiction that is not overpowering yet deliciously on the edge, or rather, straddling a rift between earthly and alternate worlds. 

Of the books and films we have read and seen, Mrs H thought it was like Madeleine L Engle (A Wrinkle in Time) meets Twilight Zone and Dr Who with undoubtedly a soupçon of Star Trek. 

We both agreed that this book is very much a parable for humanity and a fragile, on-the-brink planet. Thought-provoking in the best way.


So, loads to love and well worth dipping more than a toe or paw in for Christmas.  

Want to buy a copy?

To get a copy, in whatever reality you may be in, please saunter, float or morph on down to your local independent bookshop. There are plenty out there, realities and bookshops, and each shop is just waiting to serve up whatever kind of mystery, fun and adventure you desire.


Mollie Hunt's web page can be found HERE or type this:


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    1. It is a clever read, and full of description that flavours wherever the cats and humans find themselves. Well worth a dabble on an ebook.

  2. We love your selfie, ERin.
    The book looks good, too.
    And We would also like to report that Mummy finished The Lighthouse Bookshop yesterday, after taking a DISGRACEFUL 4 months to read it (well, there have been quite a few distractions, We must admit, including 2 months of war) and She loved it. She said She felt as if the characters were people she had come to know and love and it was hard to let them go...

    1. Ahh, I am glad you have got to that one. Do check out others by the author, as they are delightfully crafted. She is owned by a cat, too!

    2. We have acquired The House Beneath The Cliffs, but We don't know when Mummy will get round to that, She already has about 60 books in her TBR pile!!!
      Meowy Chrissymouse to you both.

  3. Of course that's a good one, Molly always comes through with good reads!

  4. ERin I am 100% judging this book by its beautiful cover and title and of course the excellent review
    Hugs Cecilia

    1. The cover is a delight but doesn't really convey the magnitude of the story within. Our review hopes to touch on the best bits, a taster without giving too much away.

  5. Wow ERin, you have another paw stopping book review. We love you and Mrs. H have plans fur the Christmas with readin' and eatin' and snugglin'. Thank you agin fur sending Lynn and me a great book she will be reading at Christmas to me. Precious

    1. The best things to do on holidays are those three, plus helping others too....
      And you're welcome. I think you'll both enjoy the book, Conrad is such a cool cat.

  6. ERin thatz de best brek fest roll we haz ever seen !!! ewe bee lookin my tee
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    1. Ah yes, the sooner that will be over and back to normal with less hype and stress the better. Mrs H and I will be working the holiday anyways. Yes, and I don't need any extra jam or marmalade!

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    We always enjoy Molly's books, and this ones sounds so amazing, Erin.
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