Friday 29 March 2019

March Photo Fails

Welcome to the 'Pet Photo Fails' blog Hop!!!

     Welcome one and all to what Mrs H has informed me is NOT the Sunday Selfies, rather the Pet Photo Fails Blog Hop!

      Melissa's Mochas, Mysteries and Meows has kindly taken over this awesome hop from our dearly departed friend, Roby Sweet of the Cuddlywumps Cat Chronicles AKA The Old SoLT, as Miss C liked to call her.

     Once a month, the last Friday of the month, we will be getting together to share Mrs H's not so talented photographic efforts.... OK, OK so I did have a paw in some of them and maybe an ear or another bodily part in others but I blame Mrs H squarely and fairly for everything else.

Well this month we have a right old mix of mistakes, mishaps and down right scene stealing and is entitled . . . . . . LEGS!

®© Erin the cat Princess

     I'm not entirely certain in this final shot that the leg you can see is actually mine! If it is, I shall be having words with it later about contracts and that it is I, as in my royal visage and oneness, that is supposed to be centre stage. Having said that, at least it is nice and clean, which is more than can be said for the hearth rug!

Go on, now show us YOUR Photo Fails.......

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  1. MOL, you should see some of our fails!

    1. Oooh, yes please. Do share a few with us. . . . . It will make Mrs Hudson feel less embarrassed, MOL

  2. Was Mrs. H distracted by the Kraken again?

  3. Oh Erin, your royalty status means that you should have final say on any of your likenesses going out to the world! Time to fire your publicist!

  4. Too fun! No worries, we all have photo fails!

  5. Fun fails, and it is good to see your jelly beans got in on the act in the last photo.

  6. Those were fun photo fails :)

  7. You can't take a bad picture because even your paw is cute!

  8. HAH! This post is three feet long. MOL! Mrs. H. must have a foot fetish.

  9. MOL EPIC photo fails Erin, top marks all round! MOL XOX