Sunday 1 November 2020

Poison, anyone?


Hello and welcome to our Book Review, with added Selfie!

Mrs H has been very busy this week, washing all the fine bone china in the house. Not that she has OCD, though I suspect she will have dishpan hands if she's not careful, MOL

No, what has caused the sudden flurry of suds, is the fact that we have just finished the second in the Murder Most Unladylike series of murder mystery books (or in the USA: A Wells and Wong Mystery.)

This one is entitled: Arsenic for Tea. For our USA pals, this is titled: Poison Is Not Polite.


What you need to know:- Having not only survived, but also solved the murders of two teachers and one pupil at their boarding school, Daisy and Hazel, our lead protagonists return to Daisy's parents home and estate called Fallingford. It should be a fun time as it happens to be Daisy's birthday.

The guests start to arrive and amongst them there is a murderer! Yup, deep in the countryside, and during terrible flooding that effectively isolates the house, one of the guests, Mr Curtis, is poisoned.

When he turns out to be a thoroughly obnoxious ne'er do well that was intent on robbing Daisy's parents, Lord and Lady Hastings, of their prize entiques, you'd have been forgiven for saying 'Thank heavens and good riddance!' Of course the plot is far better than that, and with true mystery style, all roads – and grains of arsenic, point to mild mannered practical joker, Lord Hastings himself!

With the fear the detectives may be next on the list for the murderer, the race is on for Daisy to prove her father innocent before the police arrive the next morning, thus saving him from a fate, well, I'm sure you can imagine!

I have to say, Miss Robin Stevens really has given us a great plot line; full of great new characters (that we will meet again), twists and turns, and a barrel load of red herrings that flap this way and that. I have to confess, that Mrs H did not solve this one, though she does say she had a 'hunch'. Yes, well, on that basis I say it is two nil thus far to the skills of Hazel and Daisy – ably abetted by some of their boarding school pals too.

If you would like to know how this fiendishly clever mystery ends, then do dash on over, in a suitably ladylike manner, and grab yourself a copy from your local bookshop (please do support these wherever you can) or visit Amazon where you should be served a midnight feast worth of mystery at the click of the button.

Anyways, enough of book reviews for this week, what I guess most folk want is a selfie!

I hope you all enjoyed this review, and picture of me AWAKE, which Mrs H says is a rare moment indeed given it's now seemingly dark most of the day and raining 50% of the time. 

Oh, if you were wondering why Mrs H was so fervant with her dish washing, well it seems that a certain gardener, not mentioning any names, NED, had been using our best china cups to measure out his weed killer and insecticide. Not just once mind, but several times —  Talk about Murder Amidst the Rose Beds!

Till next time, when we will be giving you the low down on the third book – assuming Mrs H can read it quickly enough, we wish you all a safe, happy, and well read week!

Till later, Toodlepip and Purrs!



  1. That is a lovely selfie, Erin! We're glad you remembered to post one!

    Tama and Genji

  2. That is a Most Beautiful Selfie, Erin!

  3. Great awake selfie, Erin! Oh goodness, Ned was using the tea set for measuring weed killer? Mrs. H should wash them again and again!

  4. You know what, Erin...The Hubby uses our stuff for his chemicals and potting soil and stuff like that too! In fact, as I type this, I see our nice metal stool OUTSIDE THE WINDOW, so he can climb up on the roof. What do the neighbors think?1?
    You are beautiful!

  5. That sounds like a good read, and a lovely selfie of you too.

  6. We will take it under advisement Erin

  7. Great selfie!

    It seems to rain ever day lately.

  8. Loved seeing you with your eyes alert, Erin!! And if anyone used our dishes, good or ordinary for other than intended purr-pose, Petcretary would be quite annoyed, MOL! We do have things in our back porch to use for outdoor least until they fall apart or break, Tee-hee!

  9. OMD, I gots to get Ma to gets this one! Sounds like a FABulous read fursure! Sorry abouts Mrs. H's cups! Yikes! Wells, at least you guys will be ready for the Queen if she stops by! BOL!
    Beautiful selfie Princess Erin! Then again, your selfies are always top notch!
    Ruby ♥

  10. You present the book real good ! Your selfie is beautiful ! BTW Rosie gets used to the fish ! She sniffs at it but pays attention that it doesn't move. Now she sits there and watches and doesn't run away anymore, maybe with the time she will get used to it ! A lot of success has the fish with human visitors ! When they take the fish and suddenly it starts to shake its tail they drop it and we always have a lot of fun !

  11. ERin; ewe all wayz iz gorgeouz; a wake ore a sleepz !!!! grate ree veew az well.... ☺☺♥♥

    & ya gotta bee kitten uz; we iz glad mizzuz H finded out what mizzter N waz all a bout

    WHOA ~~~~~~~~

  12. Excellent selfie, Erin. You are a great book promoter.

  13. Princess, do you think maybe those stories will be made into movies for the big screen? Or maybe made into movies for TV? Mom likes to watch mysteries. She's been rewatching old Sherlock Holmes episodes that star Mr. Rathbone. I bet the original writer of the Sherlock Holmes stories was a pussycat and I bet a pusscyat is behind the MMU book series, too. Tee hee hee.

    A kiss for each of your delicate toes. Luv, Your Prince V

  14. That's a lovely Selfie of yourSelfie, Purrincess and you sure know how to make one enthousiastic to read a book have it all in you💗Pawkisses for a Happy Tuesday and Week ahead🐾😽💞